Politician Stands Up for Economic Freedom


Omigosh, Oshkosh!

“When using federal tax dollars, you want to spend those in the most efficient way,” he said. “And if it’s more efficient, more effective to spend those in other states, I don’t have a real problem with that.”

The above is a quote from Ron Johnson, Wisconsin’s Republican member of the U.S. Senate. I’m quoting from “Ron Johnson’s Oshkosh Heresy,” an editorial in this morning’s Wall Street Journal. Johnson is defending the right of a company in Wisconsin to produce vehicles in South Carolina.

The Journal states:

Wisconsin enacted a right-to-work law in 2015, but Oshkosh’s plants in the state have long been represented by the United Auto Workers. The UAW urged the Environmental Protection Agency to review the Postal Service’s contract for adverse environmental and socioeconomic impact. South Carolina is “hostile to collective bargaining,” the union declared.

So presumably the UAW wants the adverse effect on the environment to be on it workers and others in Wisconsin rather than in South Carolina. Hmmm.

The picture above is of Johnson.